Diver6 - Diver Tracking System

Diver6 System
Diver6 System Screenshot
Diver6 Diver Modem in action
Diver6 is a revolutionary Diver and Dive Operations mobile support system. This ADVISORY system allows dive masters to monitor and track divers beneath the surface of the water for greater situational awareness.

Diver6 provides up to date information on the divers in the water allowing the dive master to make faster, safer, and more accurate decisions.

Diver data is transmitted via an acoustic modem to a receiving unit on the surface. Data is then transmitted to a monitoring computer that records, calculates, and displays various parameters. This allows a dive master to closely track each diver's status, depth and location.

Diver6 enables a dive master to create a dive plan that assists in the monitoring and management of diving operations. All monitoring aspects of the dive are recorded and can be used for later analysis and audit.

The system is based on input from a broad range of real-world subject matter experts including:

  • US Navy SEALs
  • EOD
  • Salvage Divers
  • Coast Guard
  • public safety and commercial divers.


  • Tracking and monitoring divers in water up to 1000 meters
  • Providing Situational Awareness (SA) on divers in the water
  • Logging a diver’s aqua-spatial information for analysis
  • Diver Recall and Assist features
  • 2D and 3D views of divers in the water
  • Customizable diver alarm conditions
  • Standard dive tables provided for reference
  • Intuitive touch screen application for quick dive plan setup, operation, tracking and monitoring.

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