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Craft Integrated Electronics Suite (CIES®)

CIES® is an integrated bridge system designed to meet the needs of military patrol craft, workboats, and civilian and government law enforcement vessels. CIES® is a scalable and modular system that can be custom designed and configured to meet the needs and mission of the craft.

Consisting of navigation sensors, craft monitoring, and situational awareness instruments, CIES® gives the craft operators a robust view of the world around them thus reducing the manual workload and assisting in critical decision-making.

The modular design of CIES® gives customers the ability to tailor the system for their needs and add components and systems as they become available. Built in the USA entirely by Azimuth Inc, we can assist you in the design, installation and configuration of the CIES® for your vessel.

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CIES® can interface with a wide variety of sensors and instrumentation. With this open sensor approach, existing as well as new sensors can be integrated with relative ease.

Navigation Server
The CIES® navigation server integrated multiple sensors into one unit and serves data to clients on the system. Sensors can be prioritized and any sensor can be viewed at anytime.

All navigation data is logged for post mission analysis.

  • NMEA 0183 sensor protocol
  • NMEA 2000 sensor protocol
  • CAN and Serial interface

Integrates with
  • Furuno Navigation and RADAR products

Having a complete view of your situational awareness is the key to fast informed decision making. CIES® is designed to keep the operator informed with the most up to date information.

Azimuth's CIES® system brings all available information into one intuitive easy to use application. An operator can view RADAR data and easily switch over to video feeds or check engine data with the push of a few buttons.

Supported Systems and Sensors
  • Furuno RADAR systems - view and control
  • AIS systems
  • ARPA data - view and control (via Furuno)
  • Multiple video sources - via Azimuth DVR
  • NMEA 0183 Weather sensors
  • Engine & Craft Data
  • Harris, Raytheaon radio control

Event Logging

CIES® includes an event logging system. Operators have the ability to set up events to log data, mark areas of interest and take notes on their tasks. Events can be tailored to be broad based data collection or extremely specialized subsets of data. Multiple events can be run simultaneously by many operators. Event data can be transferred off the craft for analysis with ease.


The system is also equipped with the CIES BridgeIT® interface allowing operators to tailor the view of the data into custom screens. BridgeIT® allows multiple data sets to be viewed simultaneously, thereby providing the the operator a broader view of the craft.

CIES® can integrate with numerous boat systems giving the operators a robust view of the craft. The operator has the ability to see all connected systems in a simple yet well defined view.

CIES® uses multiple hardware interfaces to collect the data needed to keep the operators informed. This open approach allows CIES® to interface with a diverse range of craft styles, ages and configurations.

Craft data is logged for post mission analysis and maintenance issues.

Integration with
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine systems
  • Bilge systems
  • Fire and Alarm systems

Protocols and Third Party System Integration
  • SAE J1939
  • NMEA 2000
  • Carling Tech - Octoplex System
  • Maretron Sensors
  • Opto-22

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CIES® System Components

Below are components and software used in our CIES® system. CIES® can be scaled based on the size and mission of the vessel.